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COVID Policy*

*last revised 04/11/22

This is to inform you of what is expected of you as a patient during your visits, and what to expect from us, in order to protect each other and the community. These measures are designed to ensure the highest standard of hygiene and safe practice are at the forefront of your care.

Masks are no longer compulsory in Western Australia. If you wish to wear a mask during your consult you are more than welcome. You may also request that your practitioner wears a mask and we will oblige without question or judgement. We still have a healthy supply of KN95 and P2 masks that we will continue to use on a case by case basis. We want you to continue to feel safe and supported during your visit, so please talk to your osteopath before or during your visit if you have any concerns. 

✅ A HEPA filter will run constantly in each consult room to ensure the cleanest air quality possible
✅ A CO2 monitor will be in use in each consult room to continuously monitor air ventilation quality
✅ We use hospital grade (ISO RATED, higher than TGA approval) CASSA Anti-microbial sanitising solution (scientifically proven to kill Coronavirus for up to 30 days), in the following ways:

  • Treatment tables treated weekly (and cleaned in between patients with a cleaning solution)
  • High touch areas (doors, patient chairs, HICAPS/EFTPOS terminal etc) treated daily
  • All other surfaces in the room treated weekly
  • All towels treated with each wash
  • Air conditioning filters cleaned and treated monthly

As mentioned, CASSA is effective for 30 days, however as you can see we use it more regularly than this for the best possible protection. It is made from organic, non-toxic compounds and is alcohol free. It is also environmentally friendly. For more information on CASSA, please visit their website

If you are symptomatic and have tested positive please let us know immediately, so that we may adjust for your circumstances and if necessary reschedule any upcoming appointments.

We would prefer patients to avoid visiting our clinic for seven days after testing positive to COVID-19.  

This is to protect our patients, especially those who are immunocompromised or vulnerable, as well as our Osteopaths who unfortunately can’t work and help you out if we are sick. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Yours in health,

Dr Robert De Maio
Managing Director & Osteopath

First Nations

Acknowledgement of Country

We are honoured to practice on the ancestral lands of the Whadjuk Noongar people.
We acknowledge the First Australians as the traditional owners of this land and pay respect to their Elders both past and present.